Why Magic?

Magic is powerful drama and the world is its stage. When people really witness magic, they never forget it for the rest of their lives.  Magic strips away logic, it confronts fears, and brings us to a place of constant Wonder and Enchantment.

Rodney wants you to know that you do not get into magic.  Magic gets into you.  Part of his love for magic is about the mystery and science behind it.

Rodney Palmer has over 25 years experience, performing over 200 shows per year.  He has entertained thousands upon thousands of people with his unique cutting edge shows.  Rodney was voted Magician of the year in (2006).  Rodney is also an accomplished Award Winning Magician.

Magic Membership Affiliates

International Brotherhood of Magicians
I.B.M. Ring # 22 (The Warren Stephens Ring)
I.B.M. Ring # 36 (The Leonard Eva Ring)  

The Society of American Magicians
S.A.M. Assembly # 255

KIDabra International